Guayaba Records – Crispy Cities

Crispy Cities (Cuadrado Fondo Negro Baja)

Imaginary cities where you can dance to the best lo-fi house beats. That is the idea behind Crispy Cities, a compilation composed of a release the first month’s Friday from April 2021. Beats produced by different names in worldwide lo-fi. Each one will be accompanied by an animation from the Spanish artist YimeIsGreat representing those cities.

Within a year, and with all the beats launched, the full compilation will be published on vinyl on a limited edition available at our online store.

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01. New Nkalo by Made in M
02. Crypto Town by Sr. Guayaba
03. Txuparili by Sloth Brite
04. Fluor by SKYGAZE
05. Sakura by Juan RIOS
06. X
07. X
08. X
09. X
10. X
11. X

Glow Trip is a journey of five songs produced along Sr. Guayaba in which Cráneo explores new sounds unknown on his discography, as house and trap. A diverse path linked by a lysergic atmosphere and complemented by a short film, a common component during his work.

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