The Spanish rapper that introduced the lofi music on his country. Keys: fresh and flawless audiovisuals...

Almost a decade ago, Sergio Jiménez (AKA Cráneo) started playing with his camera. He liked it so that, two years later, he decided to start a YouTube channel. Focused on hip-hop, he also started Slow Life, a music collective based in his neighbourhood. He shared this musical space with other rappers as Lasser.


And thats when his first reference, HandMade, took place. It was 2014 when Cráneo launched that 90’s like songs with collaborators as Rels, CG and Mr. Mrcs. At that time he met Mr. Guayaba, his producer and DJ since then.



Both, along with Lasser, joined forces with two other beatmakers in 2015. Made in M and Juan RIOS, now references inside the LoFi scene. The five of them started a new project, Fanso, known for the musical short film Acid House. It was the start of something new: the first Lo-Fi hip hop produced in Spain, accompanied by some spotless videos.



After those days of hard work, the thing has been growing non stop. Dalsy, released in 2016, reaffirmed his music relation with Made in M; after that, and mainly with Lasser and Guayaba, they organized a couple of tours accompained by Bejo or Nathy Peluso, along others, and visiting countries like Mexico or Colombia. It started on YouTube -where he has around 150.000 followers-, but also growed up on Spotify, where he entered on several playlists such as Top 50 viral Spain, Flow Español or Mucho Rap.


Picnic (2020)

Picnic Web

GLOW TRIP (2019)


Dalsy (2016)

HandMade (2014)

Chanchullo (2020)

slothbrite-chanchullo (1)

Música para Lagartos (2018)

Musica para Lagartos

Acid House (2015)


Hueso (2018)


NASA (2018)