Cráneo, Lasser, Juan RIOS, Made in M and Guayaba...

The rap singers Cráneo and Lasser, the beatmakers Made in M and Juan RIOS and the producer Sr. Guayaba joined on a lost Spanish village. From that days surged Acid House (Guayaba Records, 2015), and the name of the collective, FANSO.


With The Simpson’s references on their name and logo, the group has created a fan community around them thanks to the personal touch of each one. Together, they can make things as great as Música para lagartos (Guayaba Records, 2018), the awaited second part of Acid House. 13 days, 13 music videos, 13 songs recorded in the same place, an apartment lost in the woods, two hours far from Berlin. A complete trip in all senses.


Música para Lagartos (2018)

Musica para Lagartos

Acid House (2015)