Made in M & Walterwarm – FUNGUS


Made in M (Berlin) and Walterwarm (Los Angeles), two of the most recognized lofi beatmakers, link up together in Fungus, an LP with 26 instrumental cuts full of harsh beats and a psychedelic dash.


Fungus is more than a beat compilation. It creates a synesthetic sound of blended shades with fungi as the central theme on the interludes and instrumental tracks.


The aesthetics in sound is also present in the packaging. Fungus is on sale both on vinyl and tape, with a neat design signed by Jorge Poveda.


The dedication of Made in M and Walterwarm have been longstanding. The first one, living in Berlin, has an inherent touch related with the German capital. The second, from California, taps on the influence of several vintage elements which he transfers to his songs.

Sigue a Made in M

1. Stem
2. Mushroom Kingdom
3. Gnomes
4. Parasite (skit)
5. Dry
6. Shiitake
7. Life Cycle
8. Spores (skit)
9. Coming Home
10. Fly agaric
11. Veils
12. Psilocybe
13. Journey
14. Sempre
15. Dewdrops
16. Mycelium
17. Dizzy
18. Tlc
19. Matrix
20. 2 out of 3 (skit)
21. Microscope
22. Earthy
23. Chitin
24. Lichens
25. Go Away
26. Boletus