Lasser x Juan RIOS x Made in M – La Isla

The first Lasser EP happens in La Isla, a ground where he reflects about love and the lack of it, boredom, laziness and his everyday life that he shows in his songs. He talks about loneliness, but he has an excellent company: Collaborations like Bejo, Cráneo and the british rapper Lord Apex join the beats of his trustworthy beatmakers, Juan RIOS and Made in M on his debut. 

Sigue a Lasser
Sigue a Juan RIOS
Sigue a Made in M

01. Naufragio
02. No Moon
03. T Rex
04. Tesoro ft. Cráneo
05. Travesía
06. Yeti
07. Cactus
08. Suerte ft. Cráneo y Bejo
09. Gruta ft. Lord Apex
10. Tribal
11. Kickflip
12. Elizabeth
13. SOS