The Spanish rapper sings to his neighbourhood cats and all the present and past lovers...

Picasso’s cats are only a reference to a park on his neighbourhood. The skatepark on it, its stairs are the start point of Lasser. There was where it all began, when he joined Cráneo and the rest of the Slow Life collective. Also in FANSO, he gives an informal, fresh vision of rap that works perfectly with the beats of Made in M and Juan RIOS. 



His rap talks about everyday’s life, dealing with lazyness as a virtue. After all, that’s what lo-fi means. His style reaches the best representation on La Isla (2017), his first solo EP.



His horizons are wider now, but he won’t forget the roots. He’s been heading tours with Bejo, Nathy Peluso or Cráneo, with whom he shared his last Latin America adventure through Mexico and Colombia. He keeps his style and freshness, with more and more fans everyday.


Música para Lagartos (2018)

Musica para Lagartos

Acid House (2015)

La Isla (2017)


Rayo McQueen (2018)