FANSO – Música para Lagartos

Musica para Lagartos

Finding the lizards isn’t easy, but if you manage to get on their way, the party’s endless. The members of the FANSO collective flew to Berlin, went into the woods hours far from the city and, during 13 days, created 13 songs with the same number of music videos. With lyrics from Cráneo and Lasser, beats from Made in M and Juan RIOS and the production of Mr. Guayaba, Música para Lagartos improves the line the band established with his known work Acid House. Entering into the reptile’s world is always a unique experience.


Available on October, 29th on CD, tape and all streaming platform.


Artwork: Pablo Luque



01. Fue un veranito de ensueño
02. Lucky Luke
03. Bahía
04. Fuimos al cementerio a invocar a los lagartos
05. Scooby Doo
06. Pijama
07. En el bosque no se dejaron ver
08. Pársel
09. Stacy Malibu
10. Llamamos otra vez a los lagartos a ver si tal
11. Ciego
12. Bien guay
13. Los reptiles tenían mucha marcha pero algo aguantamos