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‘Picnic’ is the name of Cráneo’s new album, to be released on Nov. 18, but it seems like a party full of guests. A total of 17 different artists collaborate on the most important album of this lofi rapper known as the greatest exponent of this style of rap sang in Spanish.


Cráneo (Madrid, Spain, 1991) collaborates in this album with great names such as Biig Piig (UK), Bejo (Spain), Escandaloso Xpósito (Spain), Perotá Chingó (Argentina), Enyel C (Puerto Rico) and Lasser (Spain), as well as a bunch of the greatest beatmakers on the worldwide lofi scene: Digitalluc, Wun Two, Hubert Daviz, Made in M (Germany); Smeyeul (US); Juan RIOS and Sr. Guayaba (Spain). There is also a gap for other rhythms beyond lofi thanks to producers like Itchy & Buco (Spain).


One of the most remarkable points in Craneo’s work since he started his career stands on the audiovisual side. In this sense, ‘Picnic’ comes with two
video jewels. The first one is a sum of impossible images and visual games that has already been released: ‘Burbujas. The second one, which accompanies the release of the LP, is called ‘Insert Coin’ and is loaded with good mood and a great urban vibe. Both are signed by the audiovisual company Craneomedia, famous for their work on video format. On the other hand, the artworks come from the Chilean illustrator Constanza Salazar (Cuantas Constanzas).


Cráneo has the support of closely 20 artists from all around the world, with different styles and audiences. However, all of them fit perfectly on their songs. Great singers, great beatmakers and awesome creators, together on the most ambitious lofi project in Spain. “It’s the first time I collaborate with so many artists from different parts of the world”, says the artist. “A lot of them are real icons on our music genre, lofi, so it’s such an honour for me to have them on this work”.

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01. Amigos (intro jam)
02. Burbujas
03. Polen (ft. Lasser)
04. Dudas (ft. Biig Piig)
05. Po33
06. A Volar (ft. Enyel C)
07. La Subida (ft. Perotá Chingó)
08. En Las Nubes (ft. Escandolo Xpósito)
09. Caballos Libre
10. Insert Coin
11. Shin Chan (Ft. Bejo)
12. Solito Ni Tan Mal
13. Amigos (outro jam)