Cráneo x Made in M – Dalsy

Just after the Acid House experience, Cráneo and Made in M maintained the investigation of several lo-fi sounds, with Dalsy (2016) as a result. This LP mixes psychedelia, international collaborations (such as Cristal, with BxRod) and low fidelity as never seen before. Add bits like Scarf Face, Omaure, Ébano, Lasser and Cleanboy and you’ll get the best syrup.

Sigue a Cráneo
Sigue a Made in M

01. Dalsy
02. Park
03. Swifty
04. Parler ft. Omaure
05. 20 mg
06. Jarabe ft. Scarf Face
07. Terbasmin
08. Okay / Lasser (beat w/ Juan RIOS)
09. Marte
10. 40 mg
11. Freeze ft. Ébano
12. Zumo ft. Cleanboy
13. 60 mg
14. Cristal ft. BxRod
15. Algensaurio ft. Lasser
16. 100 mg